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    Home Mole Removal? Had it checked - non cancerous?
    I went to my GP and they referred me to a dermatologist.
    My appointment came and it was embarrassing as the mole is at the top of my leg.
    They refused to do anything about it because it would cause "horrendous scarring" and when I said I didn't care about the scarring, I just wanted rid, the doctor said it wasn't about what I wanted!
    My parents want me to have a second opinion or to go private but I don't want to go through all that again, it was really degrading and I almost started to cry as my opinion on my own body wasn't being taken into account.
    For about a year now I've been looking at home mole removal kits and I was wondering if they really work.
    Some people say they do and others don't - if you've tried any please tell me your opinion and where you got it from and what happened if you don't mind.

    I'd really appreciate it, it would really boost my confidence too.

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Your doctor is a jerk. I had a suspicious mole last year, went to the doctor and he said, "the only way we'll know if it's cancerous is if we take a biopsy, or remove it completely and send it to the lab."

      He ended up removing it completely, because it was small, and it was the same amount of effort as a biopsy (2 birds with one stone).

      It ended up being a non-cancerous fibroma.

      My point is: your mole may not be cancerous, but find a doctor that is interested in finding out. Otherwise, like the answerer above said, "find a cosmetic surgeon to do it." It's your body - so ultimately, it's your decision.

      Good Luck!

    Mole removal - non surgical?
    Has anyone used products for mole removal, eg the wart mole varnish, dermatrend mole remover etc etc???
    I want to know just how good they really are, and if they're worth the money.

    I have a fairly large mole in an area i dont particularly want it cut out and am looking at alternatives. I've seen my doctor and it is 100% non cancerous.

    help appreciated! thanks

    • ANSWER:
      In India and Hinduism moles are considered as luck marks. If you can not see your mole yourself i.e. on you back or on your face, it is still very lucky. When doctor has not told it is cancerous I think you should not disturb it. Some times moles add beauty also. Please do not remove-

    mole removal issue please hlep?
    Hey guys I have been told I have a non cancerous mole on my face that is really tiny. I went out and got a wart removal freeze stuff. The instructions say not to use on face. has anyone tried this method and it worked?

    • ANSWER:
      You would be well advised to go to a doctor and have him/her remove it before you wind up with a scar on your mug!

    At home mole removal?
    I've seen some products advertised for the removal of warts, moles (non-cancerous), & freckles advertised online;

    Does anyone know if this is any good? I don't want to do a surgical procedure if I don't have too, they're just tiny moles in places that they shouldn't and I want them gone! They aren't skin cancer, they're just moles I've had since a child.
    tina - once a mole is removed it doesn't grow back, if your cousins grew back maybe it isn't just a regular mole
    sakura - you're just a spammer

    • ANSWER:
      Before you go and buy something over the internet to remove moles check with your doctor. I've had moles all my life, too. And it just frightens me to think of someone removing moles at home. Are your moles skin tags or flat moles? I mean it's up to you. They're your moles, after all. Just be careful. Good luck.

    Are most moles non-cancerous?
    I have about 40 true moles (most are less than a 1/4 in. except a couple that are a little larger, but still less than 1/2 in.). I have a few freckles too on my arms. What is the likely hood that I might have skin cancer?

    I am fair skinned, Caucasian, and many moles run in my family but no history of skin cancer/melanomas; I rarely go out in the sun and have only burnt myself once by the sun.

    Please let me know. I am freaking out about this. I have a mole removal appointment in a couple of days. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      The best decision you could ever make is to have them checked out. Remember fear is your worst enemy. As a natural redhead, and who has many moles and freckles, I have had skin cancer several times. The first time was the worst, because I had never had them checked. Luckily, my dr. found them during a regular check-up. I had 3 moles in melanoma state. I had them removed, then later, I had more tissue removed to stop the spreading of the cancer. Now, I get checked every 6 months, and have only had to have 2 other ones removed and they were in 1st stage. So, it will never get as bad as what it first was. Now, I realize that this probably scares you to death, but keep in mind, that not only am I a natural red-head, but, my dad is British. So, that's double trouble for me. And, I was out in the sun alot as a child, plus I had terrible sunburns with major blisters in the past. The reason I am telling you this, is not to scare you, but to let you and your family know that this is a serious condition. And, all of you should be checked out. But, since you have only had one sunburn in your life, more than likely you will not have any problems. Also, your dr. will know right away if there is a chance that you might have skin cancer. For instance, usually the edges are somewhat irregular, or they tend to fade out. Freckles, are to be watched as well. You are lucky you only have 40. My dr. at OSU looked at the other dr.'s and said, "have you ever seen so many freckles on one person". I said, "thanks" like I didn't already know. ha ha. Anyway, kudos to you for checking out those moles. I call it "Mole Patrol" whenever I go. :)

    please help me remove my mole!?
    I hate my mole! Its non cancerous I checked but the removal from a dermatologist is expensive... preferably I would remove my mole at home naturally. I hear about methods but there are not step by step procedures. My school starts on August 22nd please help me remove it before then!

    • ANSWER:

    DQ at MEPS and note about recruiter?
    I went to MEPS this past week to join the Air Force. On my pre-screen, my recruiter told me to put "no" for having bronchitis unless I was hospitalized and "no" for mole removal surgery since I was so young. When I got to MEPS I put yes for both on the official form b/c I wasn't sure if I ever had bronchitis so I put yes to be safe. I also put yes to mole removal surgery b/c the MD noticed it right away anyway. She temporarily DQ'd me and told me to bring back medical records. I went down to Air Force office and the officer told me that I couldn't process any further. I wrote a letter, partly out of anger and to save my own butt that the recruiter had told me to put no for both instances and that I wanted to be honest about the medical history. My recruiter received the note and is not happy. He said now they are looking at it as a moral issue that I ratted him out and he is family and I'm an outsider. I have medical records for non-cancerous moles and a letter from my doctor stating I never had bronchitis. What are my chances of getting back up to MEPS? I have never done drugs nor have I been in any trouble. I also have a B.A. degree. Is my recruiter blowing this way out of proportion? He said he would try to take care of the situation. I just don't want something so trivial to ruin my career in the Air Force. Thanks to all who reply.

    • ANSWER:
      I would honestly be surprised if the recruiter agreed to work with you again. Also, if you have a BA then why are you enlisting? You should be trying to get into OCS.

    How To Get Rid Of A Mole | No Sergery Nessicary.?
    Ok, So.. I Have A Non-Cancerous,
    And Flat, But Darkish Brown Mole On My Face.
    i Cheer, So I Have To Wear My Hair In A Pony Tail To School, CONSTANTLY.
    |: It's Stupid. i Put My Bangs Over It. And TRY To Hid It.
    Im So Selfconscious. It's Crazy! Im Non-Stop Thinking About It.
    Im Not Concided.. But, i Am The Prettiest Girl In School..
    And, That Makes It Worse.
    My Family Has NO $$$! So, i Kinda Cant Do Laser Or Surgery Stuff To It..
    My Mom Would Take My To Get Some Removal Cream..
    If i Had The Balls To Ask Her! But, Its To Embarrising To Talk To Even Her About!
    i Just Want It Gone. So, i Can Be Self-Confident Again.
    In Desperate Need Of Help..
    Please Anwser? ):

    • ANSWER:
      You cannot remove a mole without surgery. It is not a big deal to have a mole.

    Home Remedies for Facial Moles?
    I've been to a few different dermatologists, all looking at a dark mole on the side of my jaw. One I went to sent me to a woman who specialized in lazer removal, who suggested a surgical removal because the mole isn't raised. The surgeon she sent me to was also the plastic surgeon my mom uses, and she knew me personally. She did an exam, but refused to remove it, because she said she didn't want to risk scarring my face. I've been looking for home remedies for a while, I've found a few that people say work, but I wanted some more opinions from people who have tried it themselves. Don't post if you're warning me not to try any home remedies, I've only heard that about 200 times. Also, don't post saying I should embrace facial moles. It's not your decision. The moles are currently non-cancerous, and any suggestions I get I'll tell my dermatologist to make sure they won't increase the risk of skin cancer.

    • ANSWER:

non cancerous mole removal

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